Difference Between Bureaucratic And Scientific Management

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1. Define and distinguish scientific management and bureaucratic management. Theoretical models are used to identify the management of different organizations and how they are structured. The early classical school entailed the bureaucratic and scientific management models of management. Both of these models focuses on the improvement of the managerial effectiveness by providing tools and suggesting organizational structures. Bureaucratic management is mostly use in government associated organizations, while on the other hand scientific management is an aspect of manufacturing operations. In Bureaucratic management there is the existence of hierarchy specialization and also it includes formal processes. Specialization are groups of individuals who work in a specific areas which may include but not limited to finance and manufacturing. In bureaucratic management, the term hierarchy refers to layers of management and formal processes which are used to refer on how companies are organized. Scientific management emphasizes process improvements and efficiencies, and it makes managers accountable for improving organizational productivity. In organization that use bureaucratic management structures share some characteristics which includes, a well-defined hierarchy system which entails accurate and detailed documentation and recordkeeping and also well-defined rules and regulations. Each position in a bureaucracy supervises another, hence improving communication, direction and
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