Advantages Of Traditional Public Administration

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‘New Public Management is an alternative to the traditional public administration’. Discuss.
The newly elected Government of Mauritius clearly laid down its ambitions regarding Public Administration in the Government Programme 2015-2019. The public sector will be re-organised and reformed to make it more productive, transparent, accountable and customer friendly. A Public Sector Efficiency Bureau is set up as a department of the newly crafted Ministry of Financial Services, Good Governance and Institutional Reform (Govt. Programme 2015-19). If it sounded just as the usual rhetoric from a new government, the 2015-2016 Budget Speech reiterated this determination after finding out that the country’s system for transparency and good governance to be also at the crossroad. Instead of staying idle with the present system characterised by opacity that breeds corruption, the government calls to go out for a cleansing that will inject more meritocracy, transparency, good governance in the management of public affairs (Budget Speech, 2015). The Mauritian government can be said to be moving away from the traditional form of Public Administration by adopting a modern approach, guided by the international imperatives, needs and trends. In an inexorably innovation oriented, wired and fast moving world, individuals need easy access to high quality public and customer services in

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