Advantages And Disadvantages Of Texas Government

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The framers of the Texas Executive established a system that was designed to check the powers of the government. As opposed to the US Constitution that vested the power of the executive in the president of the nation (Berry, 1385), the Texas Constitution sought to ensure that the state did not have the excess powers. As such, they came up with a plural system where a variety of individuals make up the executive branch of the state (Texas State Government at a Glance). While the governor of the state remains as the highest ranking officials in the state, they hold the least of powers in the plural system. The plural system as used in Texas pertains to having individuals hold office in various capacities. In this system, the citizens of the state of Texas elect six officials out of the seven that make up the executive system. The electorates casts votes to choose the governor, the attorney general, the lieutenant governor, the commissioner of agriculture, the land commissioner, the commissioner of the general land office, and the comptroller (The …show more content…

The main advantage is that it removes the concentration of power from one individual. This ensures that abuse of power is limited. Giving different individuals from varying parties will also result in the creation of checks and balances in the executive. A lieutenant governor from the Democratic Party will be able to check the activities and the undertakings of a Republican governor thus ensuring that they operate within the confines of the law and the powers of their office. Also, the system allows for the introduction or the enforcement of the manifestos held by both parties, thereby resulting in greater benefits to the population. Perhaps the greatest advantage of this type of system is that each member of the executive is accountable to the electorate. Their success in the subsequent elections will depend on how they perform in a given

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