Advantages Of The Westminster System Of Government

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Question: Evaluate whether the Westminster model system of government adopted by English speaking Caribbean countries accommodates corruption as a way of governance.
The Westminster system is a democratic parliamentary system of government modelled after the British parliament in Westminster. In essence it is a system of rules and strategies, which allows the legislature to meet and carry out various tasks. In the case of the Westminster system, it includes a head of state in the form of the monarch, a parliament with the government and the opposition.
The Westminster system of government comprises of a democratically elected lower house. After the executive members the head of government is the prime minister. The next system that falls in place is the opposition which is led by the leader of the party or the parties with the second largest number of seats in the lower house. It follows that in the British system the prime minister and the cabinets are fully in charge of Parliament. They are responsible, as the guiding committee of Parliament, for the preparation and enactment of most legislation and of the budget.
Now, the Republic system as opposed to the Westminster system is one of representative government, while the Westminster system is one of responsible government, which means that the executive is responsible to the legislature, and requires its confidence to remain in power. While in the U.S system, the executive are separate from the legislature, in the
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