Different Types Of Government Essay

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In order to compare and contrast varying types of government within two or more countries, one must have a clear definition of Government and know the purposes it serves. Therefore, I did some research and I have established that Government is a group that exercises dominant power over a nation, state, society or other body of people. Governments are commonly responsible for constructing and implementing laws, handling money, and defending the general population from external threats, and may have other obligations or privileges. All over the world, there are many different types of government within countries. Each kind has its advantages as well as disadvantages regarding the general well-being of its peoples and economy. Some of the most common types of political systems practiced today are monarchy, democracy, republic, communism and dictatorship.
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However, the U.K. has no formally written constitution like the US. Instead, they use what may be referred to as its constitution is the entire body of its laws and principles that deal with regulating the populace and running the government. The embodiment of constitutionalism is the control of power by its distribution among a few state organs or offices, such that they are each subjected to proportional controls. As a result this compels them to coordinate in planning the will of their states. Furthermore, the United States has a constitutional government in which the powers of the central government are limited by law to create individual states with certain degrees of self-governing powers. The United States’ political system is broken into to three different branches. The executive, legislative and judicial

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