Importance Of Professionalism In Nursing

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Through being a student nurse, I was taught and molded to become a safe and practical licensed nurse. I endured a whole year of reading and book work, sleepless nights and a whole lot of sacrificing to become a future nurse. Through all my days in a clinical setting and shadowing different care team members, one of the most valuable lessons I have picked up on is the good and bad habits health care members attained over the years when it came to professionalism in the workplace. I have realized that for me to be a successful and professional nurse in the field, it is crucial to be respectful, advocate for patients, show integrity, look the part and have good personal hygiene.
When I talk about respect, it is not only in regard to respecting the ones that have a higher rank. It means treating every patient, coworker and anyone else I encounter with respect and dignity because as a professional you should treat everyone equally, no matter their gender, age, size, or cultural background. Showing respect is as easy as knocking on the door before entering a patient’s room or addressing them with their preferred name. It seems like an easy concept to grasp, but unfortunately, most of the medical professionals I have shadowed did not follow these simple rules. They would just barge in the resident’s home, give medication and not really acknowledge their presence, so I always stayed behind, introduced myself and made sure they were comfortable before leaving. Respecting patients to

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