What Professionalism Mean To Me Essay

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Professionalism: What Does it Mean to Me?
Professionalism has a different meaning for everyone; however, each definition of the word is not much different from one another. For me, professionalism is just another word for above average, or exceptional. I don’t always think of a professional as a white collar worker, such as a doctor or a business owner; they could be a tattoo artist or a chef. It takes skill and hard work to be a professional, but anyone can be a professional if they work hard to improve some professional qualities that they lack. There are a great number of qualities an individual needs to have to be considered professional; I have many of those qualities while some could be improved. Through practice, responding to feedback that I receive, and observing a professional can help me become the professional I want to be
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I have more than a few weaknesses and I will not be afraid to admit it. I am interested in going into the nursing field, but I am not a very empathetic person. I haven’t felt empathy for a great period of time. I had a difficult life until I was halfway through high school. I used to feel everything deeper than words can explain, but not anymore. The way I grew up makes it significantly harder to understand why people are so emotional, and I can’t share those feelings someone has when they are in need of guidance. Another issue I have is time management. I usually wait until the last minute to finish any work I have because I am a teenager. It’s exhausting to always be moving, not being able to go home after school and settling down, like I used to do. I can’t find the energy to do anything until it is at least 10:00 p.m. This way of my life goes along with another weakness of mine, prioritizing responsibilities. The order in which I usually get my work done is from least important to most important, and I do not have a good reason why I do

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