National Honor Scholarship

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Jesse Owens once said, “[w]e all have dreams. But in order to make that dream a reality, it takes an awful lot of determination, dedication, self-discipline, and effort.” The dreams that I have for my life aren’t going happen overnight, they are going to take time, determination, self-discipline, and effort. Along with taking time and effort, I’m going to take my personal qualities and put them to work. I believe I’m a good applicant for this scholarship because I have good work ethic, good relationships with people, but I also have good characteristics including being goal oriented. I am involved in many things now that are going to help me in the future, but I also have good work ethic that is going to help lead me in the right direction. …show more content…

Life gets hard, and I am going to have to push through. Being on National Honor Society is an accomplishment; I have maintained an A average for 16 consecutive quarters of high school. I am always sure to have my assignments done on time, and I do the best of my ability to use my resources, ask questions, and correct my mistakes if needed. Applying myself to my schooling is important because if I don’t apply myself now, college isn’t going to be …show more content…

I am not a person who likes to sit around and do nothing or just let everything be complete chaos; I like to take charge and have things organized, and set goals. I don’t like to be demanding of people, but I like things to flow smoothly. Organization to me is very important, without it how are you supposed to know when your bills are due, when assignments need to be turned in, or in something that I am going to face in my next few years of my life, when my classes are. Goals are important, and my teachers have even pointed out to me that I set a lot of goals. I set goals from my work, to education, to my running. I have goals from running marathons to where I want to go with my college education and my career. I have had a goal since my freshman year of high school to run a half marathon before I graduate and that is what I am going to accomplish May 21st at 9

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