Professionalism In Social Work

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In most careers professionalism is a valuable trait to have in a person’s work ethic. Social work is most certainly the kind of career in which professionalism is highly important. There are a variety of behaviors that depict professionalism. Some examples of these behaviors are appearance, demeanor, competence, ethics, verbal and writing skills, and many more. Throughout the social work program, the importance of professionalism has always been stressed, and there were several assignments that were given to us in order to apply professionalism in our field practicum and to help prepare us for our career. Assignment related to Professionalism One of the assignments particularly that helped me not only understand more on professionalism but …show more content…

First, there was a woman and her husband who had just had a baby. They explained that they did not have a very good support system and felt they did not have everything they needed for the baby. My Field instructor showed me a location in the hospital in which they keep things such as donated baby clothing, diapers, wipes, and an assortment of different vouchers. We gave them all of these necessities to start them out as well as $25 worth of once upon a child bucks (a baby store in Elizabethtown). Second, there was a patient who came in for a same day transfusion but did not have any transportation to get back to her home. My field instructor set up and retrieved a cab voucher for her, this made it, so she would have transportation back to her home but did not have to pay a cab fee. Every day that I’m at my field practicum I experience a new situation with a client, and a different way that they need assistance. We see a variety of different situations every day. Professionalism is one of the most important competencies of social work. Maintaining all the different aspects and qualities of professionalism will not only portray us as good social workers, but also the more competent and empathetic we are the better we are able to help and assist our clients. Preparing for this in my field work has already showed me how I need to behave and appear to the patients at Hardin

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