Examples Of Ethical Dilemmas In Social Work

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In the social work profession, it is a requirement to have a thorough understanding of ethics and some of the ethical dilemmas that one can face. On my journey as a social work student one of my assignments was specific to ethical dilemmas. The ethical dilemma that I chose to write in this paper about was multiple relationships and violating counselor client boundaries. The class that I wrote this in was HMS 102 which was values of human services. The main topic of the paper focused on the negative effects of sexual relationships. It also discussed crossing boundaries with clients and having other relationships such as friendships or other kinds of attachments to the client. In my field placement at Hardin Memorial Hospital social workers may have to be carful not to cross boundaries with clients especially in such a small town in which you may possibly know or know of a client. In addition, my field instructor has made some related and valid points to me. First, Hardin Memorial Hospital is a local hospital in my home town. In a nutshell this means it is highly likely that I may come across somebody that I know, or somebody that a friend of family member knows. Due to this fact it can become easy or even tempting to show special treatment or discuss client information with others. Mt ethical dilemmas paper discusses how a good social worker must always put the client first and never take short cuts with clients, manipulate or deceive clients, or break confidentiality unless

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