Why I Want To Be An English Teacher

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Statement of Purpose
In the course of learning martial arts, I discovered that before I could ever defeat my opponent, I had to overcome myself. Doubt and fear can make victory impossible before a match even begins, and thus confidence building plays an indispensable role in training. However, confidence flows from perseverance and hard work. From the outside, people might think that my winning second place at the National Chinese Martial Arts Competition in Taiwan was my proudest achievement, but in fact the thing I take most pride in is that through martial arts I have acquired knowledge and traits that have prepared me for success in myriad other life ventures. I will draw upon these peculiarities in my pursuit of becoming an English teacher. I first learned English when I was eleven years old. Even then, though, I noticed a distinct difference between my English proficiency and that of my classmates who had taken up the language while enrolled in kindergarten. It was at first disheartening to lag so far behind, but I worked diligently to improve my English. Along the way, I learned that success had everything to do with setting a goal and working toward it. This experience has given me the confidence to believe I can achieve any goal through focus, determination, and hard work. I drew upon this same character when training for a kickboxing …show more content…

After much investigation, I have come to the conclusion that your program best suits my research interests. I hope to employ the methodology of conversational analysis to study classroom interactions and examine how the details in conversation can influence learning motivation. I also want to look into how teachers can increase students’ learning motivation by acquiring knowledge in TESOL classroom practices, pedagogical English grammar, and second language

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