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My Life’s A Dream When I first came to Springfield High School in 2012 it was quite a terrifying experience. I had just gone from being the top dog in the school to back at the low man on the totem pole. I never knew that I would end up having some of the best experiences of my life here at Springfield High School. One of those experiences throughout these three and half years occurred my Freshman year in the first Freshman game of the year. I never knew that such a scary school from the outside looking in could end up being one of the best experiences to ever occur in my life. The first day playing football my Freshman year was terrifying. I had just been one of the biggest guys on the team in 8th grade. Now I was a small guy and all the …show more content…

So coach threw together a freshman team and I was placed as a starter on both offense and defense. This made me feel a lot better about playing in high school. So to start out the game, the opposing team got the ball. Our defense was pretty good and we held them back and kept them from scoring. They punted the ball to us and we started out running the ball. I was playing the Y receiver which is the guy who is on the side that has another receiver beside him. So coach continued to run the ball for the first few plays of the drive, and then he decided to call a place play. It was a simple 5 yard hitch. The hitch was intended for me. So I ran the route and turned around and there was the ball. I caught it and got up field for a gain of about 12 yards for a first down. Coach went back to running the ball and we started to get stopped, then he decided to run a pass play again. It was the same play as before except when I was ran the hitch I stopped for one second, then turned around and ran a go route. There I am running the route and I was wide open from where the cornerback thought we were running the same play as before and attempted to jump the route for an

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