Should Kids Be Able To Tackle Football Essay

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Second and goal at the seven yard line. 43 seconds to go. Ben gets the snap, he’s back, he pumps. He scrambles around. Throws it back corner of the endzone. Santonio Holmes with the touchdown! Santonio Holmes wins the super bowl!” The commentator roared as the crowd watched with bated breath. Football is the most popular sport in the United States because of tense and exciting moments like this. Many kids have dreams of making it into the most popular sport in America - NFL football. The debate about whether kids should play tackle football focuses on whether it is safe or not, as well as the benefits. There are many benefits to football, and is safer than some sports.Minors should be able to play tackle football because the equipment is getting safer with stricter rules on tackling, they can get scholarships more easily, and they can get better coordination and teamwork. …show more content…

In football, the equipment is getting stronger, and has more pads for protection. Football also has rules on how to tackle. The football equipment is getting more protective since the 1950s, when people didn’t use helmets or pads. (“Innovations in football equipment”, Secondly, the rules on tackling have changed significantly by not allowing people to have head to head hits. Also, there are more rules on what equipment is required, and the form on how to tackle and where to tackle. (“Difference between a legal & illegal football tackle” Jeremi Davidson, Some people may say that tackle football is very dangerous, but flag football has more injuries than tackle football. (“Youth flag football: Is it safer than tackle?”, Also, since the equipment and rules has changed, the number of injuries has significantly decreased, making tackle football safer for

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