NFL Lawsuit Analysis

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On June 7, 2012, a lawsuit came to the table for more than 2000 former NFL football players. This is a huge victory for not only the former players themselves but also for the fans and families of the former players who have either took or lost their lives to this massive problem caused by the beloved sport. The NFL later tried to dismiss the case but had failed. Three years later that same case had ended and it was tremendous. The settlement had given the players involved in the case 5 million per player. It could cost the NFL over 1 billion dollars in the next 65 years. Later, august 29 of 2013 another lawsuit had come to an end and it was another big victory in a Philadelphia US District Court House. The settlement was set for $765 million.…show more content…
Now they take concussions extremely seriously and do what they can to prevent it too save there imagine. First of the many big rule changes was they made it illegal to hit above the shoulder pads. They took the new rule seriously. If you get caught delivering a hit it is a 15-yard penalty. In the 2015 NFL playoffs this was shown of how big the penalty could cost you when Bengal’s linebacker on purposely tried to injure star wide receiver for their rivals, Antonio Brown. The game was its final seconds and the Steelers were a good distance away. Vontaze Burfict the linebacker for the Bengals had a huge call for the same thing earlier in the game. He was mad at the refs so he decided to “get back” at the Steelers and tried to take out their best player. It back fired and gave the Steelers field goal range to kick the winning kick and later costed the linebacker the first 4 games of the next season. The NFL has also made it so that you cannot hit quarterbacks to hard. The NFL has tried to cut down on the injuries given to quarterbacks by giving the unnecessary roughness call to the players. It’s given out when the refs think a hit is “too hard” and gives the offense 15 yards. Later in 2016, the NFL announced a new rule that made it if you got two unsportsmanlike conduct that you will get ejected out of the game after one game involving Carolina Panther’s cornerback Josh
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