Personal Narrative: My First Day Of Tryouts

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On the first day of tryouts I was extremely nervous. There were so many thoughts running through my head, such as, is there going to be anyone here that I know, am I going to make the team, am I going to be able fit in. All of these things are going through my head as I walked in the dark gym, and that didn't help my nervousness at all. I was in a gym with people that I didn't know and that seemed to be more talented than me. Some were faster, better shooters, or they were better at handling the ball. At the time I didn't know what the other girls were thinking, I just knew how I felt and it seemed as if everything was a competition with everything the coach got us to do. Then there was the second day of tryouts, well I ended up not going. …show more content…

We ordered pizza and had games like apples to apples, phase 10, and Uno. We sat there talking realizing that there was no reason for us to be like we were being. We all had at least one thing in common and that was our passion for basketball. We stayed up very late that night, knowing we had a game the next morning, but we were having so much fun together. After that night I felt like I knew them forever. The next morning I was so tired but still excited because I knew that it was going to be a good day. We stared off good in our first game; we worked as a team and played hard. The best feeling ever was looking at the score board and seeing we were actually ahead that day, and that meant everything. We didn’t win every game that day but we learned something. We learned that there is not and I in team and that as long as we worked together, we could accomplish great things. Although some of us could do something others couldn’t, we could put our talents together, and we could not be stopped. We all judged each other and didn’t give anyone a chance, but when we finally did, we saw that we could beat any team. In the end we all realized what we could do and accomplish as a team, we became unbeatable and now we are close as

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