Personal Narrative: My Basketball As A Child

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When I was a child, I did not necessarily have a favorite toy as if to say, but there one thing in particular that I always used to liked playing with. That one thing was Basketball, A child’s favorite toy is usually something a child would bring around with them all the time and would cherish. That's exactly what I would do with my basketball. That leathery-bumpy skin of the ball in hands while I would dribble diligently down the street, was one of the greatest feelings I had as a child. The squeaking of shoes on the court and the swish of the ball in the hoop was probably the second best thing about basketball. But the most fantastic and memorable thing about Basketball was when my teammates and I got together and played the game. The …show more content…

The rubbery new smell of the ball and the unexplainable texture that I’d never felt before was surprising. The first time I ever tried to play basketball it was truly horrifying. I could barely even dribble and I was so frustrated I almost gave up. But then I kept trying and practicing until I got the hang of it. Then I could at last dribble constantly and smoothly in place or even while running. This accomplishment was my first step up into my intense pursuit to become a first-rate basketball player (or so I thought). Then I tried to shoot the into the hoop, but like dribbling I had failed, I couldn't even hit the basketball hoop. Though I continuously kept on trying to get better. It’s like they say practice makes perfect. At last, I was shooting hoops like nothing in the world could stop me (In my childish head). By then I was telling my best friend, Anthony, that I was the greatest player in the universe. So time went flying by and I kept practicing and playing Basketball, but at one point you kind of get tired of the same thing. So I stopped playing basketball and played other sports. Though in end basketball will always be in me and no matter the situation basketball will always have a place in my

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