Narrative Essay About Being Literate

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When most people tend to think of being literate they think of being able to read and write. Until last week I thought the exact thing. I learned that being literate was not is not just reading and writing. It is a plethora of things that you can be literate in. My literacy is a thing that I have been doing for a long time. Trust me it did not an easy process to get this proficient in it either. I love to My literacy is basketball. I learned it at a young age. I started playing at the age of 9 years old. I started playing at my school. We had a basketball team there. When I first started, I would not do not know what I was doing at first. I was terrible at it. I would run up and down the court with the basketball. When I would shoot I …show more content…

I got better with practice lots and lots of practice. Blood sweat and tears were put into the game for me to get over. Every better Literally. It all paid off in the end because I got much better. But at the time I did would not see any need for it. Growing up I used to dread going to work out with my dad it was one of the worst things ever. He used to have me doing different drills. Running countless laps over and today.
Basketball Time we used to go I would end up crying sooner or later it was never a time we did not go where I didn 't. I used to cry because I would think the stuff was too hard. Which it would be.but me being a kid. I never wanted to I thought he was just being mean and punishing me. But he wasn 't he was just trying to make me better. Which he did. And to this day I appreciate him because without those endless night going to the YMCA working out I do would not be as good as I am today. Basketball really shaped my life. It makes up who I am today. With basketball, I wouldn 't know where I would be today. Because it has taken me so many places. It got me here today I did not know how my life would have been if I didn 't play basketball. that my life wouldn 't have been so great if I didn 't

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