Personal Narrative: Grit Not To Give Up Playing Football

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When I partially tore my ACL I had to show grit not to give up playing football. It was during warmups for a football game in 7th grade. The offense was all lined up with me as an outside receivor with Derrick on the inside. When Nick hiked the ball I raced to the cornerback ,who happened to be Ethan Goodwin, and started blocking him. Then the whistle blew so I looked over at Nick to see what happened and realized that that he had just thrown the ball. It was a bullet for Derrick who was sprinting directly at me. The ball was just a little too far so Derrick jumped. Right at me! I didn’t move so he slammed into my knee and that was the end of my 7th grade career. Looking back I realize that it took a lot of grit not to just give up playing

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