What Does Football Contribute To Me

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Football had a major impact on my life, playing football helped me to communicate with others creating an brotherly bond with my fellow teammates. Playing this sport taught me a lot like size doesn't matter, it's all about hard work and dedication like it's your last time playing on the field. Football showed me how to be mentally and physically strong, to be a leader and lead by example. This sport became apart of my life being apart of the community and making my town happy, I love playing this sport and being with my teammates because even when there is time it's an easy day my teammates always push me to do my best so I can get better every time I'm on the field. Football helped me to care about others and to do what I have to help my …show more content…

Being a senior and this might be my last time on the field ever again I gave everything that I have every time I stepped on the field putting my blood and sweat into it. Staying in the gym late waking up in the the morning to workout even when I don't have to. Playing football showed me to not be selfish, to give my time back to the community volunteering for the road race and to help out the community. I became a leader not not giving into any negative influences and to always stay positive, being by my brother's side even when times seem to be bad to leave no man behind. I remember when trash was left on the bus we all had got punished coach had taught an important lesson to not be selfish to think about the team we all had go punished for that even though it was because of one person this showed how if anything happens it is not on one person but it's on everyone because we our a team win or lose as a team. Football became a passion for me, football describes who I am, football became my life, football made me the person who I am, football is

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