Personal Narrative: Blair High School

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During my elementary school time, I had learned that this world is full of competition and you have to act out in order to stand a chance. I was quite intelligent in my classes, especially on the subject of mathematics. While I thought nothing of it,as I was bullied for that reason, my teachers saw it differently. Then, during the 4th grade, my teacher, Mr.Green, had asked me if I would like to join the school’s math field day team. At first, I wasn’t so sure, but after a few days, I was now a part of my school’s math field day team, along my twin brother, Anthony. That was a decision never regretted in my life, as it showed me that I wasn’t alone, that their were others like me, and able to make friends within my team, which in turn taught the truth of this world. Days had passed by, as my team and I were studying, working hard, and overall hanging out with each other. And then, the day of the competition was finally among us. However, I was not nervous, I was ready, confident that we would win. However, that changed as I entered Blair High School and finally meeting all of the other schools that we were up against. Once I regrouped with my teammates, we discussed on which members were in Group 1, Group 2, and as alternates. I was in Group 1, while my brother was an alternate. Once paired, it was off …show more content…

It seemed we were too confident as it turns out both groups had lost, and only medal were to earn was a 3rd place medal for the alternates, meaning my brother earned a medal while we did not. And though we may have not succeed on that day, I told myself that I will win at least once. And so, I kept up with my academic skills, especially towards my math skills, and never gave up towards my mindset. And though it may have been a while, as part of the 8th grade Eliot Middle School Math Field Day team, we had finally won. Though it may be only a bronze medal, I was happy

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