Personal Narrative: Rigby High School

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I drive my white Nissan maxima over the speed bumps probably a little too fast as I leave the parking lot. Once I reach the stop sign, I take a moment to turn around and look at the beautiful school building behind me. Rigby High School—I can’t believe I go there. To me, that beautiful building is almost as breathtaking as the work out I just finished; running over and over through the halls of the school because it’s too cold to run outside. What used to be a small school when I was young has seemed to grow to be competitive and quite big, and seems to grow bigger each year. I’ve lived here ever since I was three. I have a very balanced and happy life here in Rigby and successful career as a student at Rigby High. I run up to ten miles each day in the fall and spring to become an exceptional athlete in both track and cross country in which I’ve had victorious seasons. I go home to three or more hours of homework each night to get straight A’s in all my classes including AP and college courses. Somehow I have found the time to go to sporting events, parties, and service projects where I have made so many friends that are indeed true characters of strength, joy, and goodness. I have worked very hard to obtain the …show more content…

For some reason he liked the way I was “unique” and chose to be my friend. I took an immediate liking to him because Hannah had been my only friend, but this new friend was a boy! I fancied over him all through the fifth grade, and when summer came I couldn’t wait to go to middle school and see him again. My life couldn’t get any better! I had TWO friends, and one was a boy! Then one night, my mom came in and told me that Hannah would be moving away that summer to Utah. I wept bitterly for hours that night. I couldn’t fathom how I was going to go to middle school without her. After timeless hours of deepest sorrow, I realized that I wouldn’t be alone, because I had another

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