Personal Narrative: My Experience In A Raider Team

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I led my team to the finish line, being close to the first teams to finish. The feeling of exhilaration went through my head until I heard "Garner Raider team Disqualified". I am a cadet and a Raider in the Army Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps. A program which gives cadets the essentials to becoming better citizens and the opportunity to be the best person one can be. One must put in the effort and live up to high expectations.The Raider team is no exception, it's a sport that requires mental and physical strength. A Raider is tested on his or her capability to work as part of a unit and accomplishing a common goal under stressful situations. Looking to fortify my body and strengthen my mind, I joined the team. Compared to my teammates, I performed at an average level. They could…show more content…
I advanced my performance. Noticing my improvements our instructor offered me a chance to lead my own team, so I took the opportunity. I was now the leader of Garner Raider B Team. I took the time to train with my new team and I improved alongside them, we went through intense training up until the day of the competition. When we arrived, I was apprehensive, but I had a team relying on me so I put my perturbation behind me, I kept my mind focused on what was ahead. We proceeded to do the first events and we had scored well enough to put us in the top three given that we performed well in the 5-kilometer race which was our last event. When we started we went at a good pace but the longer we ran the more my body ached, I knew my teammates suffered too but we were too close to slow down. As we got closer to the end another team caught up to us, we were at risk of losing our place.I told my team to sprint for the last 300 meters to secure our place. When we finished I was full of joy. Until I heard "Garner Raider team Disqualified". Only two of my teammates had finished with me, the rest were still behind, so we were
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