Personal Narrative Essay: The Football Team

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Football at the lot It was very sunny out the gang was playing football and darry was the person that protects the quarterback johnny was the punter he was a decent good punter but he needs improvement we could not be on the field he get beat up enuff so for know he is the alright punter. Two bit and dally where runners soda got bored so he just started to run around steve was a defender sumtime with soda when he was bored so when soda ran off dally would step in to play defense. I was the quarterback and every time i boced up a pass darry would yell at me that two bit was wide open then he would treten one more play like that I am QB. then we would play it for hours then all go home. Every time me and soda go meet the gang at the field we where light close because it hot but darry always wears a skin tight shirts. Two bit and steve …show more content…

We had to finish the game johnny had to punt it darry held back two bit and dally with his muscles bulging gave time for me to set up the kick for jonny to kick. as johnny kick it it hit the inside of the field go and barely went in then my team all jump around until dally and two bit tackled us for winning every one headed home we found soda looking down the hill where the horse peen was. We headed home it was getting very late, a mustang was pulling up it was full of soc’s darry pulled me away from the road I was thinking ‘’why are you being so protective I can protect myself’, but they took one look at darry and that skin tight shirt and his baseball size musale they just yelled greaser and speed off we got home it was dark so I ran and got the light we stand up for a hour after playing poker but we did not bet money just for fun I am glad we paled for fun because I would lost a lot of

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