My First Wrestling Match Essay

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My First Wrestling Match There were about two weeks before my first wrestling match. After a tough practice, I went to check my weight like everyone else does, and my heart sunk as I realize that I am six pounds over my weight class. The weight class I am wrestling in is one hundred and thirteen pounds, but I weigh one hundred and nineteen. I was very nervous that my coach would find out and be displeased with me. I began to worry because being six pounds over meant that I could only eat a little bit each day, and work extra to lose all of the weight. The next day I barely had anything to eat. I didn’t eat anything for breakfast, and for lunch I only had a sandwich and an orange. Practice after school was very difficult because I had very …show more content…

At the end of practice, I check my weight again and I am still over by about three pounds. When I get home, I go up to my room and start putting multiple layers of clothes on. I put on three shirts, two pairs of shorts, a pair of pants, a sweatshirt and two pairs of socks. After I put on all of my layers, I go down to the basement and run on the treadmill so that I can sweat and lose weight. Once I have run on the treadmill, I go upstairs to check how much I weigh. When I checked the scale, I was one hundred and fifteen pounds, which is still two pounds over what I need to be in the …show more content…

During the entire match I had no idea what was happening. I didn’t know which side of the scoreboard was mine, so I didn’t know if I was winning or losing. Since we were in a tournament, there were numerous whistles that were going off during my match. During the match, it was very loud, which made it hard to hear my coach. I also didn’t have any idea what period we were in. When the final whistle was blown, I didn’t even know that the match was over and that I won. I figured out that I won when the referee raised my hand. I was so tired at the end of my match, but I was so happy that I

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