Thesis Statement On Professional Wrestling

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Professional Wrestling is something a person either loves or hates. But, a lot of people judge it before they even watch it.
Line: Something that is always being debated is whether Pro Wrestling is a sport or not.

Argument/Claim/Thesis: Pro Wrestling is a sport, this is why. It is backed up by the definition of a sport and it is wildly popular.
Reason #1: The definition of a sport is,”an activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment.” 2 Example: There is constant competition in the wrestling world. (WWE vs WCW) 3 Explanation:For example, back in the late 1990s, at that time WWF was having an intense competition with enemy wrestling company WCW. …show more content…


3 Rebuttal/Refuting evidence:While some moves don’t hurt a person, other moves have a serious chance of causing an extreme injury. There is nothing “fake” about all the injuries and deaths the pains of wrestling have caused.

2 Opposing reason: A lot of people compare wrestling to combat sports like the UFC. (Shmoop)
3 Rebuttal/Refuting evidence: There are a lot of differences between wrestling and combat sports. An example is salary, new UFC fighters make an average salary of $34,000. WWE wrestlers on the main roster average a $500,000 salary. Another difference is that in the WWE, wrestlers pull back punches and kick just before contact to minimize damage and in the UFC fighters are actually trying to hurt each other.
Transition Sentence:. Even though wrestlers in big companies can make millions. Most wrestlers are in it because they love what they do.
Restate Argument/Claim (Thesis): The worldwide wrestling community is gigantic! Even the definition of a sport tells you that Professional wrestling is a

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