Personal Narrative: The Sniper

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One time when I was in 6th grade; playing with my soccer team in traverse city for the cherry cup festival. My team was in the championship game.We were all ready to win the game that day. I was so scared and pumped at the same time because I was ready to win but scared we might lose. In the middle of that game our goalie got hurt. The game paused and my coach looked at me and he said “ Keagan go get gloves and a goalie shirt on”. During that time when he was talking to me I was so scared; I had played goalie before but not during the most important game of the season. I didn’t want to let any of my teammates down, so therefore i proceeded to be the goalie for the rest of the game. In that story I showed bravery. I showed bravery by going in …show more content…

Evidence is show in the story “The Sniper” it says “placing a cigarette between his lips, he struck a match, inhaled the smoke hurriedly and put out the light. Almost immediately, a bullet flattened itself to the parapet off the roof” (O’Flaherty 1). This quote is showing that the Sniper isn’t scared or nervous. He’s making a decision that could almost kill him or give away where he’s hiding. By the Sniper smoking a cigarette and giving away his hiding, shows the sniper has bravery because of the risk he is taking.Another example, it says “Taking off his cap, he placed it over the muzzle of his rifle. Then he pushed the rifle slowly upward over the parapet, until the cap was visible from the opposite side of the street. Almost immediately there was a report, and a bullet pierced the center of the cap” (O'Flaherty 3). When the Sniper took his hat off to figured out a plan he nearly almost got shot. If the sniper wasn’t quick enough he could of died. The sniper is brave by taking a risk that could've killed him. Therefore, the risks that the sniper chose to take like smoking a cigarette, and making a plan that could almost kill you is showing

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