Becoming A Sniper: A Short Story

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Why did I go into this career? I could have done anything else, but no I became a sniper. Why are there so many stairs on this building and why do they want me to kill this kid? What did this kid do to make them so mad? Who is they, why this kid and who came up with this plan? Why did I chose the heaviest gun to drag all the way up this building and back down again? Now how do I find this kid in this school? Oh, there he is. Now if we just stay there for ten more seconds. BANG. What? Where did he go? Fine, if you 're going to do this I’m going to shoot your friend. BANG. That’s a fire alarm it’s time to leave before the police show up. Where are those car keys? Now back down all the stairs. The guy said left, right, then over the bridge and …show more content…

They will be looking for a red car not this grey one. Now to the helicopter to escape to France. What will I tell him when I get to the helicopter? I could tell him I failed or tell him the boy is dead. I will say the boy is dead. It will work out a lot better for me if I tell them he is gone. Okay, I see the helicopter but where is the pilot? I will just wait by the copper. There he is. He asked, “ did you kill the kid?” I lied and said, “absolutely I killed him.” He said “okay good it is time to go then.” Then we get into the helicopter. We start to leave the ground and I think I made it escaped from that kid, but just as we take off there he is. What is he going to do? He has his bike and now he is throwing it at us. It wouldn’t have done anything if he just hit the side but he hit the propellers. Now we are falling towards the river thames. Take a deep breath and now we are submerged. How am I going to get out of this? I can’t open the door because of the water pressure, so I’ll have to break a window. Now reaching for the emergence window breaking hammer. Now which window should I break. This one to my right. SMASH. Now water starts pouring into the helicopter. I grab one last breath and now I am swimming towards the surface. But will I make

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