Hunter Safety Short Story

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The theme of "Hunter Safety" by Jeff Johnson is to not be conceited and over-exaggerate your abilities. "Plus, I 'm a good shot... Give me the trophy now..." "Dad says, his voice rising in tone, "missed him by a mile! '" First, these quotes show that the narrator thinks he is an amazing hunter, but in reality, he 's average or below. "Top of the class and still, at eleven, I am forced to hunt alone with a B-B gun." According to these quotes, the narrator believes he is such a great hunter, he doesn 't need to follow basic safety precautions for a child. "So the gun went off. Puffft. Hmm, I think, my safety wasn 't on." "...but because I was not as smart as I thought I was." Finally, these quotes showed how the narrator finally realized that he

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