Exemplification Essay: The Ethics Of Bow Hunting

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To be a successful bowhunter the hunter himself has to put in a lot of work before going into the woods to attempted to kill an animal with a bow. Before even trying to go bow hunting there are a few necessary things that have to be obtained. There will need to be proper hunting land to be hunted. Then the hunter needs to practice shooting his bow to be efficient everytime he is in the deer stand, along with a few ethics to make sure the hunter is hunting for the right reason. Finally the tools that are needed while the hunter is in the deer stand to be successful in the hunt.
While hunting there is a fine line between legal and illegal the eastist and the most common mistake made while hunting is trespassing. To be able to hunt on a piece
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After making sure the hunter is doing everything safely then the hunter has to worry about the deer they have great sense of smell and great hearing. So if the deer is down wind from the hunter he will smell you before the hunter even knew he was there. If the hunter does get lucky enough to get a deer close enough within 40 yards the hunter must be very quiet while adjusting himself to pull the bow back and get a kill shot off. The slightest noise that the deer hear that he doesn't agree with hell run of with no second oppins.
There are many ways to describe how to be successful while bow hunting but if you break it down on what you should be doing to be successful you will always be ready to take on whatever. As long as you remember to do everything legally so that the hunter can stay out of trouble. Then to prepare yourself and have the needed equipment to be successful and to have the right reason to be hunting in the first place. Finally you need to know to to be prepared and safe while in the wood it can be a very dangerous place when you're in the woods alone especially

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