Women In The Military

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In America, women have played a crucial part in the construction of our military since the Revolutionary War. Though, they were not formally allowed into the military until the mid twentieth century. Due to the stereotypical view of women being housewives that have built up centuries earlier, women are viewed as too weak or fragile for the military. The rights for women in the military has been debated on for decades and although there have been improvements in that time, there is still more refinements to be made to make the army a gender equal system. To thoroughly describe the struggles of being a woman in the military, their history will be depict. The well being and lifestyles of these patriotic females, comparisons to other armies …show more content…

Some complain that women should not be involved in combat due to their body composition, which can make their level of performance lesser to that of a man. However, research has proved that women and men both perform equally when reducing and comparing their different body compositions. (Segal and Lane 12). Many argue it is not fair to rule out half of the population due to some which may not exceed some expectations, there are many humans of both genders who can reach the fitness maintenance of a …show more content…

A debate that has been constantly inflicted upon is whether women should be enlisted or drafted into wars. Even to the current day, the Selective Services would only take males and draft them into a war. No one wants to be forced into a war however, by passing a bill that let’s women be conscripted is a true way to reach equality between genders, to let men and women show their true patriotism and defend our country. Many conservatives still are against these new propositions for the conscription rule for example, “Senator Ted Cruz (TX-R), one of three Republicans in the Armed Services Committee to oppose the provision, said, ‘I cannot in good conscience vote to draft our daughters in to the military, sending them off to war and forcing them into combat.’”(Women and the Draft). Well, no wonder he did not make it past the primaries of the presidential election, with that out of date mindset. Women are not delicate princesses and this is not the nineteenth century, many women can handle combat and some could even take positions in which they do not directly go into the

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