Pros And Cons Of Women In The Military Draft

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Caylee Premo Dr. Bob English 102 19 April 2017 Women in the Military Draft The United States military is one of the most important and largest job sources within America, with supplying far over a million jobs to people across the country, this including both men and women. These jobs are given to people who chose the path to gain them; however, this does not highlight the military draft and the people chosen by it. Currently only men above the age of eighteen and below the age of forty, are chosen by a mailed notice, and drafted into the military, if an imminent emergency were to present itself; however, it would be beneficial to the country if women were also accepted into the draft. There are of course both pros and cons to women joining the draft, as there are to any controversial topic. The perks of this acceptance would be career advancement, military readiness, and effectiveness; unfortunately, with helpful pros comes the unwanted negatives. Physical ability, tradition, and overall efficiency are just three to list, there obviously are more; however, these would prove to be the most prominent. All in all, women should be accepted into the military draft, because not only would they benefit the country in political and global ways, but the acceptance would also help those that live within this nation. Women make up just as much, if not more than the population that men do within the United States, and going by age not all men will be drafted into the military

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