Selective Service Act Dbq Essay

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In 1917, the first World War was officially underway. Orderly, the United States of America joined its indelible battles with a hope of peace throughout the countries. This war undeniably had a great impact on the U.S. ,but at first, there were little to no citizens who proudly volunteered to fight. As a result, the Selective Service Act had to be put into place. I believe that this was indeed necessary in order to gain enough troops to attack. This draft came as an alternative, another fallback for the United States. Also, the draft was done fair, there was no need for citizens to get upset and take the draft away if it is done in an equitable fashion. …show more content…

At first America did not want to enter the war; they wanted to stay neutral. President Wilson, soon realized the serenity of this war however the U.S. was intimidated. The Selective Service Act was a direct way of gathering troops when the other options were out of the picture. Document 1 shows a WW1 draft registration card. This card is sure to be very eye-catching and motivating for any U.S citizen observing it. With this card of the Selective Service Act, we can understand the desire of the U.S. government and their hope for citizens to join. Without this substitute, America would of have an even more difficult time rallying soldiers. The Selective Service Act was vital because it came down to our only choice, undoubtedly it supported Americans to win the

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