Why Did The Us Enter World War 1 Essay

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The United States entered World War I April 6th, 19417. The US joined allies with Britain, France, and Russia to fight in World War I under the commander of Major General John J. Pershing. The US joined World War I for three main causes including moral, economic, and political reasons. Morally, United States citizens were called to duty to enlist in war because of propaganda from anti-German 's. Economically, American citizens entered war to secure economic productivity better yet, make a profit. Politically, unregulated submarine combat from Germany afflicted exports to Britain. Altogether, the US needed to secure its nation due to many threats across the world. During war, many things occurred and happened. Germany created some strategy against the United States, which was revealed in the …show more content…

As Germany returns, in 1917, to the policy of unrestricted submarine warfare, it came back to renew its suspension in response from force of the United States and other neutral countries. Unrestricted submarine warfare was first initiated in World War I on February 4th, 1915. Germany declared the area around the British Isles a war zone, in which all merchant ships, would be attacked by the German navy. On April 22nd, 1915, the German Embassy published a warning in newspapers to tell passengers that travel on Allied ships are “at their own risk.” One ship, called The Lusitania, was the first to submerge and depart, killing nearly 1300 passengers. On June 15th, The Board of Trade investigated on the ships sinking concluding that the ship was unarmed by German forces during

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