Pros And Cons Of Us Involvement In Ww2

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“In a moment of decision the best thing you can do is the right thing, the next best thing is the wrong thing, and the worst thing you can do is nothing.” Those are some wise words said by the President during WWII…. Pres. Franklin Delano Roosevelt. This quote can relate to a plethora of issues, when one may have to make an impossible choice and one does not know what to do. However, in this report we will focus on certain situations that Pres. Wilson and Pres.FDR had when making choices in WWI and in WWII. Many may ask how did the United States even get involved in such a war? Although, as it can be seen in the following sentences the reason the United States got involved in WWII is fairly simple and an honestly valuable one unlike many may say the reason the U.S. got involved in WWI. In WWII the United States got involved with the war in Europe because the Japanese were furious with the U.S. for freezing all Japanese funds and stopped the sales of oil, gasoline, and other reasons that Japan lacked. Japan’s prime minister, Fumimaro Konoe …show more content…

Japanese warplanes attacked the American base at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. Then on December 11, the U.S. and congress declared war on Germany and Italy after they decided to declared war on the U.S. In WWI Pres. Wilson decided to enter the war because of Russia’s withdrawal from the war. Since the Russian people overthrew the monarchy and established a temporary government that promised free election. With this change from an autocracy to a more democratic government Pres. Wilson could now argue that the Allies were fighting a war for democracy. Afterwards, Pres. Wilson decided that the United States will no longer remain neutral. So on April 2, 1917 Pres. Wilson asked congress for a declaration of war against Germany. Although not at once congress agree to the declaration of war and Pres. Wilson signed that declaration on April

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