United States Involvement In World War II

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Aime Amouzou Period# 7 3/13/14 Although improving economic conditions and the threat to national security causes American support for the Allies, the United States entered World War II in order to preserve democratic values worldwide. As time went on and the war continued in Europe, the threat to national security and democratic values increased, and the United States became closer and closer to entering the war. The war time economy, which existed only on the grounds of preparedness and aid to the allies, was booming, and finally bringing a complete recovery from the depression. The American public clearly favored the Allied powers, and entrance to World War II became inevitable. As Germany and Japan continued to strike and successfully, the threat to national security and …show more content…

The Germans found success in their blitzkrieg strategies, and their U- boats continued to intimidate the Atlantic. “A navy second to none, said he, was needed as a `contribution to world peace (Document B)”. This threaten the Atlantic affected the United States trade and personal safety. Without safe waters trade, the United States would lose large amount of money on sunken imports and exports. By terrorizing the waters, German U- boats could control the United States trade, and dictate their economy’s success or failure. Because

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