How Did The Military Change Between 1863 And 1973

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During the years 1863 and 1973, the government played different roles in the US military. The US president implanted many laws to get the military to train men faster for periods of declared and undeclared war. Victoria Bryant Stewart, “The United States Congress voted upon the Selective Service Act.” The Selective Service Act was changed the law of registering men into the military, making men responsible to register themselves. In addition, the Selective Training Act of 1940 was declared to make it less difficult to persuade men into the military. The laws in the military were changed many times through the years by the military, leading people to disagree with new regulations. In a way, the government manipulated the US military and molded …show more content…

“The active draft ended in 1973 and President Gerald Ford ended registration in 1975.” However, this did not last long because of the Soviet Union’s invasion into Afghanistan. The government protected the government policies by, “accepting of conscription by the courts and the acceptance of conscription among members of both political parties.” Having the government work together to protect the law and go by the Constitution, decreased the chances of passing other inaccurate laws such as the eligibility of men for the military and how men were registered for declared and undeclared war. “The scope of proclamations and executive orders rang based upon the period and in relation to the American public’s attitudes regarding conscription or empathy.” Therefore, orders from the government were a reaction of how the people reacted toward how the government was using conscription while there was a declared war, undeclared war, during times of peace. The way America views conscription is derived from countries such as France. The system in France allowed the country to increase the military force by having a mandatory military

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