How Did The Red Emma Goldmans Impact On America

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Emma Goldman, also known as “Red Emma,” is famous for her supposed conspiracy against the United States’ involvement in and draft for World War I. Before she got arrested, she said in front of a jury that “the ‘big fish’ of the No-Conscription activities had been caught, and that there would be no more trouble-makers and disturbers to interfere with the highly democratic effort of the Government to conscript its young manhood for the European slaughter (Goldman).” She spoke her speech, titled “Address to the Jury,” in the United States District Court, in the City of New York in front of the jury (Address to the Jury). Goldman became one of the most outspoken and well-known of American radicals, lecturing and writing on political topics (Women History), which impacted America by making her a figure of freedom of speech, showing that an individual should have the right to freedom of speech without having any consequences.
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was to Since the United States had entered the war, the Espionage Act was passed in 1917. The Espionage Act prohibited individuals from expressing or publishing opinions that would be against the United States participating in the war (Immigrants In America). Emma Goldman and her colleague Alexander Berkman helped organize the No Conscription League, which held many anti war rallies to discourage young men from participating in the draft (The Emma Goldman Papers). The effect of the No Conscription Leauge was negative towards Wilson’s Draft because it convinve many man not to support the

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