Civil War: Similarities And Differences Between The 13th And 15th Amendment

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So the frequently understood notion regarding the similarities and differences amongst the Civil War and World War 1 was that the civil war was an undeclared war fought merely against ourselves while Word War 1 was a certified war battled with a foreign country that came to American shores. One specific concern that was continually fanning the blazing issues with the Civil War of slavery produced a profound divergence among the North and South in the mid-1800s. From that distribution, the next surge of municipal liberties for minorities expanded. Changes between the two wars were the fact that the 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendment shined a light on the fault lines of class and race. Racial animosity, injustices of the draft, and unrest during the civil war brings a head to our American nature. When Word War 1 came to fruition, instead of 2 million being drafted, 72% of the military was drafted. Also, with World War 1 from the Civil War, the war was more visually exhibited and it was truly vivid to Americans. …show more content…

For youthful gentlemen begging and fighting to stay out of death wars, terror began to arise and between and amongst both wars, drafting was viewed as a totalitarian dominance constraining men to take actions against their own freedom. Although it was a brutal force, hatred for the draft undermined wars and citizens began to find loopholes out of conscription and there were inequities and occupational ways out of serving, especially if one was wealthy. Although drafting was coveted to be equal among the poor and wealthy, thus letting the government add more pressure and raise the

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