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It’s 3738 and the governments of all the countries are going crazy and it all started because of this organization and they go by the name of Black Jackets. This organization is the reason war broke out among the whole world. This organization was founded and created by the USA, Canada, United Kingdom, and France. They have made this alliance to stop Germany, Russia, China ,and Japan from destroying the whole world. Their plan was to bomb every country that wasn 't their own. There plan was called project NANO. These guns, bombs, and artillery were all armed with these things that instantly eat away whatever solid object it has hit. This technology was created by a German and Russian scientist. These two were to do anything they could to give…show more content…
It was big and it had huge hover pads that kept it off the ground. It was all black and looked like a tank that was stretched into a bus. They called our names and scanned are thumb prints before we could transfer onto the other bus. Once I scanned my thumb print a picture of me popped up and had everything about me, my height 6’4 my ranking Corporal and it even had where I was born, Michigan and my birth date. The only thing that confused me was that there were these emblems on the seats when we got in. Everything on the inside was all black and the emblem was very strange. It was two diamonds interlocking. I soon began to doze…show more content…
We are heading to an outpost in russia disarm one of the nuclear nano bombs. I just found out today that society doesn 't know about war and every one in every country thinks there society is perfect. Why does the government do this the people need to know what 's going on. So, i decided to take a look in the sergeant 's office when he fell asleep. I found a file about society and as soon as I opened it the sergeant walked back in and as soon as he saw me with the file he pulled the alarm, so I shoved him to the ground and bolted out the door everyone ran out of their cabins. I hurried and stepped into a suit then hit the lever to start the elevator. I then ran and got in a jet that could turn invisible Joey was yelling, “what are you doing!” I didn’t say a word I just flew out as fast as I could and I knew exactly where I was going, to the city and show people that war is actually going on and they 're not safe and they should be aware that war is getting out of control. Dear journal, It’s October 1st and I have been flying for several hours and I 'm starting to think I am in the Nevada desert and I’m trying to get to D.C. and tell the whole world. I don’t know how i 'm going to do this but I know I need to get to the white house. First I’m going to eat some of the food in the

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