Personal Narrative: My Trip To Chicago

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My feet hurt as bad as falling down the stairs because of all the walking I did in Chicago. Walking from place to place was by far the worst part of the trip. Although, it was interesting seeing all of the tall buildings up close. Chicago was interesting and I hope I come back again soon. “Wake up sleepy heads,” was the first sound I heard Thursday morning. We started off the trip driving four hours in the jerky SUV. Altogether, there were five people stuck in the car. Molly, Katie, me, Grace, my mother, and Maggie. My mother packed snacks to feed a herd of wild buffalo. We played games, watched movies, and slept until we arrived in Ohio. The next day we drove the remainder of the time until we got to Chicago. The 5 hour drive was worth …show more content…

Before we went kayaking, we ate breakfast. Afterwards, we walked down to the river going through Downtown Chicago. Me and Grace Kayaked together meanwhile, Katie and Molly went in a separate one. As we paddled behind the tour guide, I watched the dark blue water flow by . Since all the boats were passing around us, we stayed close to the wall. Eventually, everyone Kayaked for a total of two hours. My arms were sore once we finished because of all the paddling, but it was worth it. Soon, everyone went out to lunch at a divine Italian restaurant. As a result, our legs were rested and our bellies were abounding. Later, everyone took a cab down to Sears Tower. Once we got to the last floor of the tall building, we stood on a window over the city. The bright lights lit up the charming city, and its glory. I’d say it was a splendid way to end a fun filled day. Monday afternoon was game day. The team met in the lobby at 8 a.m., dressed, fed, and ready to play. Hastily, my mother and I drove to the fields. Our team played hard, and we won the first, second, and the third game so we moved on to the finals! The pressure was was on due to the fact that the game was tied 1-1 with 3 minutes left in the

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