Hurston-Personal Narrative

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The feel of sand reminds me of ludington michigan. Although it might rained every time I went there it was one of my favorite camping trips ever. ludington was a beautiful place to camp, r.v., and visit. It was one of those places where you wish you could stay longer after every day. One day my family decided to camping for a couple of days, because we had nothing to do for that week. We were looking, and looking, and looking, and then we found ludington. We thought it was a great place to camp. But we didn’t know what to bring to this camp ground. We thought it was a great idea to go on a car ferry to go there. The drive was about 2-3 hours to get to the ferry. The ferry was located at wisconsin. Once we finally got to the ferry it was a huge boat that was intimidating, and huge. The boat was used before to import goods across the lake. Once we got on …show more content…

After all of that we went straight to bed. Next morning my mom decided to go out to eat because we were all tired and hungry. We went to this breakfast restaurant that I forgot the name of which was really good. I obviously had the coffee, and the omelette. After the delicious salty breakfast we went out to the downtown part of ludington. the downtown part of ludington is kinda like downtown glen ellyn. We went and saw some cool shops ( I couldn’t remember what type of shops there were). After all of that shopping, but buying nothing we went back to our camp site. Once we got back to our campsite we had an idea of going to the famous lighthouse there that was about half a mile away. The lighthouse was supposed to a have a gift shop to. Once we got to the light house we had to pay to get in. After we payed we immediately went to the top of the lighthouse. The top for me was imitating. But after a while I got used to it. So once we got the whole lighthouse experience we went back to our campsite because it was getting dark

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