Hurston Adversity

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Many authors choose to write about characters who experience adversity. In “ How it Feels to Be Colored,” Hurston shows that there will always be difficult times, but being able to learn and take an advantage out of the adversity will show a great benefit. Taking a bad experience and being able to know your worth even if most do not will give you an advantage, Hurston says, “ How can any deny themselves the pleasure of my company? It’s beyond me.” Hurston uses a sense of humor towards discrimnation, The effects of adversity are prominent in my mother’s life. My mom had my father walk out on her when she had a two year old and a newborn. My dad walked out on her birthday and went with someone else. This is an emotionally traumatizing hardship …show more content…

Jana Kramer is an actress but mainly a country singer. Kramer was married at a young age and experienced abuse for years from her husband, Michael Gambino, at the time. Kramer got manipulated into thinking that the way she was treated was okay. It came to a point where she was at the end of her life, and he went to prison for his actions. Years later, Kramer remarried and became pregnant with Mike Caussin, a former NFL football player. Couple of months later she left and took her daughter with her due to the realization of mistreatment once again. Kramer was able to pour her heart out into song lyrics to astonish the world. Kramer had courage to speak out about her experience and to let people who are going through similar stuff that it is not their fault for the way they are treated. Kramer’s adversity of dealing with being taken advantage of and the trauma she has dealt with is shown through her music which has granted her a fortune of success. On a interview with ABC Kramer talks about how she was treated and how “ Kramer has grown stronger and knows her worth from this adversity. Kramer is using her platform to empower women, without this experience Kramer would not be where she is with her career or who she is. The resilience Kramer shows has benefited her life a great

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