What Is Hurston's Idea Of Command In His Face

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Joe’s confidence and charisma cause him to become the mayor of Eatonville, but his insecurities and jealousies result in the decline of his marriage and health. From the moment Joe walks into Janie’s life, he always had a set plan to reach his goals. He wants to be a “big voice”, and he never doubts his ability to accomplish his goals (Hurston 27). Hurston describes the “command in his face” as almost “tangible” to express how Joe’s dominating control seemed to be a physical aspect that someone could almost touch (Hurston 44). His unwavering self-confidence persuades the people around him to believe in his dreams and to give him loyalty, including Janie. She knows that Joe “sp[eaks]for the far horizon” and that he will lead her to “change

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