Their Eyes Were Watching God Character Analysis

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In "Their Eyes Were Watching God," Zora Neale Hurston. Writes a novel were Janie, the main character, finds herself into two unpredictable marriages. Were one was give and the other was chosen. Nevertheless, Janie is unable to find her true love, which cause her to fail on understanding the idealistic reality of marriage. Logan killicks is they unattractive husband of Janie. Chosen for her by her nanny, Logan Killicks is Janie's first husband. Logan Killicks is a hardworking man and owns plenty of land with a suitable house for Janie. Nanny also thinks Logan Killicks is safe and protective. Mr.Killicks has his own customs and beliefs because he is in older man and has been doing the same schedule his whole life. Janie is a young women that …show more content…

Chosen by Janie, Joe Starks is assured, persuasive and possessive. He’s the mayor of eatonville and is liked and disliked by the porch people. Joe and Janie own a grocery store and a post office. Joe Starks likes his cigars, money and to show off how manly he is. He’s also believed not to be religious because their is no indication that his a church man. Though Joe Starks married Janie to let other see he can achieve to get a young and beautiful women. As well as to make his ego more strong. Even though he doesn’t like Janie for who she is, or maybe he doesn't show it, Joe is a protective man of what he owns. Janie thinks Joe is the perfect man for her. That he can pleasure her a much as the the tree. As time pass Janie grows tired of waiting and being with Joe. Still she stays with him because she has the hope that he will change. Joe Starks in the other hand sees Janie as his ticket to get know by more people, including the porch people, and to recieve more property. He like demanding Janie, “Janie, Ah reekon you better go fetch me dem old black gaiters,”(C.6 P.57) but deep inside he still feels something for Janie. Their respected because Joe is mayor and Janie is Mrs.Mayor Janie. That doesn't stop the porch people from gossiping behind their

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