The Boys In The Boat Chapter 2 Analysis

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The Summary of Chapter 2 of The Boys In the Boat

The Boys In The Boat, written by Dan Brown and published in 2013, focuses on rowing players who got gold medal at the 1936 Berlin Olympics. In particular, “chapter 2” is about Joe Rantz’s childhood and history of his family, one of gold medalists of 1936 Berlin Olympics.

Harry Rantz, who was father of Joe Rantz, was a tinkerer because he was interested in fixing machinery devices. He was married with Nellie Rantz in 1899, Joe Rantz’s mother. After Fred who was an elder brother of Joe Rantz was born in 1899, they moved to Spokane, WA in 1914. Joe was born there at same year, as the second son of them. While Harry was earning money in Canada, Nellie used to play piano for her son. Unfortunately, Nellie was died from throat cancer when …show more content…

Even though Harry and Joe tried to adjust and enjoyed to new circumstances, for Thula from rich wheat-farming family Boulder City was a bleak and desolate place. Moreover, Thula felt inferior to her twin sister who lived a nice house in Seattle.

While Thula was tired of hardships of life, eventually she gave vent to her pent-up feelings against her stepson and asked Harry to live apart from ten-year-old Joe. In fact, Thula regarded Joe as an eyesore because she became unable to make a living. Since Harry didn't want to lose his second wife, Harry submitted it and requested Joe to move out of the house.

Joe had to quit the house empty. After moving to schoolhouse, he had to do chores in cookhouse, such as carrying heavy trays of food. During that time, he got dark, gloomy and felt loneliness. Then one day, one of school teachers brought Joe at his lecture about a natural history field trip. In there, he learned about a mushroom that grew from old and rotten stump but was delicious. Throughout the lecture, Joe realized that he could get a chance although he was in

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