Analysis Of Their Eyes Were Watching God By Zora Neale Hurst

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In the story “their eyes were watching god” by Zora Neale Hurston, A feminist lens portrays that Joe’s greedy lifestyle limited his wife’s opportunities, thus defining him as a man who is selfishly obsessed with Money and power, clearly seen through the Marxist lens. The porch sitters were enjoying their daily routine when they heard Matt Bonner’s mule braying at the edge of the woods. They decided to catch the mule and have some fun. Joe then tells someone to go tell Matt that the wants to speak with him. While they go tell Matt to come talk to Joe, Janie was sent by Joe to fetch his “old black gaiters” because his tan shoes set his “feet on fire” (57). As Janie returns Joe was looking to take the mule off Matt’s hands, so they were discussing …show more content…

Everyone knows Joe doesn’t need a mule for anything, yet he insists on buying the mule off of Matt for no more than five dollars. Matt complains “If you wants tuh rob uh poor man lak me uh everything he got tuh make uh livin’ wid, Ah’ll take de five dollars” (57). Before Joe hands the money to Matt, he “deliberately changed his shoes before he reached into his pocket for the money” (58). Joe shows off his wealth by changing his shoes in front of matt because they weren’t comfortable. Here is a man who just lost his life work and is figuratively slapped in the face by having to watch the rich man change into his “black gaiters”. At this point he is boasting his upper class wealth, and it doesn’t bother him that he took a man’s life work for five dollars. In the long run Joe will get richer and Matt will get poorer. The mule becomes somewhat of a mascot for the town of Eaton, but eventually dies. A funeral is held for the mule which turns into a big event. Janie is eager to attend the “draggin’-out” of the mule, but is quickly shot down by Joe who claims she doesn’t want to be seen “wid any and everybody in uh passle pushin’ and

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