Gerald Prince's Narrative

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In the reading, it says narrative is defined by Gerald Prince as “the representation of at least two real or fictive events or situations in a time sequence, neither of which presupposes or entails the other” (Palczewski 118). To me that definition is kind of confusing when it is read over once. Luckily, the book follows this definition and breaks it down in a way that is easier to understand. According to the book, narratives “depict or describe events; they are not the events themselves…. To be a narrative, a rhetorical action must organize people’s experiences by identifying relationships among events and across time” (Palczewski 118-119). The way the book breaks down the definition from the first one given by Gerald Prince is much clearer, …show more content…

It is something I didn’t and I’m sure a lot of people don’t know much of, like the author points out. It didn’t surprise me because with her overcoming what she did it makes sense that she would want to help and be sympathetic towards others with handicaps, especially those becoming handicap because of the class they are in. I feel like the answer to why her adult life isn’t in public memory is answered in the reading when it says, “her conversion to socialism caused a new storm of publicity – this time outraged” (Loewen 14). The public, and I’m sure the government, didn’t like that she became a socialist. With that said, I don’t think they would teach students, especially in elementary and middle school, that maybe the way the class system and the government is set up, kind of sucks. I think that Keller’s life should be part of public memory because as Loewen stated, “To ignore the sixty-four years of her adult life or to encapsulate them with the single word humanitarian is to lie by omission” (13). That statement is valid because Helen Keller appears to be more than someone who was just blind and deaf. To remember her for just her handicap and for less than who she was and what she really stood for, is kind of a

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