Casablanca's Narrative Film Analysis: Casablanca As A Narrative Story

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Narrative is generally accepted as possessing two components: the story presented and the process of its telling. A story can be presented in two basic ways, as a linear narrative and as a non-linear narrative. Linear narratives follow a straight line and non-linear narratives usually start at in the middle or in the height of conflict. Casablanca and Memento are two films which contrast in narrative approaches. Structure in narrative film can be thought of as the arrangement of scenes and sequences, however deconstructing sequences and re-ordering them can create a whole new theme and mood in a films sequence. Phillips, (2005). Casablanca’s narrative plot has a beginning, middle and an end. It has a certain symmetry about it and follows a set of norms and conventions. For a viewer, Casablanca is easy to understand and it simply tells a story that is not ambiguous. At the beginning of the film there is a narrative voice over which explains the political context of what is happening to the audience. The viewer never has to figure anything out for themselves therefor the film is conforming to a typical narrative structure. The storyline concerns the coming of World War II and a love triangle between Baine, Ilsa and Laszlo. The viewer’s main focus is on the love triangle rather than the political context making the overall storyline easy to understand. This also is an aspect as to why this movie conforms to a classical narrative approach. Memento’s narrative plot has a

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