Demi Lovato Documentary

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Demi Lovato is one of the most influential celebrities in the world today. In November 2010, she entered a rehab facility to help deal with her drug addiction, eating disorder and self harm. About a year after she left rehab in January 2011, she starred in a documentary called “Stay Strong.” This is a Cinema Verite documentary. There is truthful, live encounter between Demi Lovato who is the subject and the filmmaker, Davi Russo.
Davi Russo is the director of this documentary while Demi Lovato herself is the storyteller of the message that is being conveyed. Davi Russo, before directing Stay Strong, was involved in other major projects. He has worked with stars as big as Oprah and Lady Gaga. Working with Demi helped his credibility due to …show more content…

The camera crew themselves went to Demi’s thanksgiving meal, her first meet and greet and concert after being released from rehab, when she went back to the rehab center to visit the young people struggling in there, etc. Nothing is staged or recreated. The raw emotion she was experiencing is all real.
The internet was blowing up after this documentary was released. From ABC news, Huffington Post, Perez Hilton, etc., it was a big thing for journalists to write about. Television wise Demi was interviewed on the Today Show to talk about the documentary and perform her hit “Give Your Heart a Break.” Demi was open about everything. She said, “Why not air all my secrets?” and just from that statement alone gained the respect of millions of people. Her documentary gained a lot of views after that aside from the tons of views it already had.
I agree 100% with the message that is being taught through this documentary. It is pure bravery for Demi to come out in the spotlight and talk about the problems that most people want to keep private. This documentary saved so many people by just bringing awareness to the fact that getting help for whatever you are going through is

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