Personal Narrative Essay: South Side Chicago

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Like the classic saying has it “You can take the kid out of Brooklyn but you can’t take the Brooklyn out of the kid.” Same goes for Chicago this is my story. I was born in the windy city, on the south side. I wasn’t there for that long I was there till my fifth birthday, and then I moved to Boston, Ma with my mother, sister and I. However, I believe that south side raised me because every winter and summer vacation I would visit my grandmother or as she liked to be called “Mo-Mo” While visiting her I’ve seen some pretty harsh situations. Let’s just say living on south side is pretty tough it really like a jungle; I see the way family and old family friends live. South side Chicago has taught me to never trust clowns, watch my back, don’t stay out to late, and NEVER trust anyone other than your “gang”/ family and to not smile to much it’s a sign of weakness. On the south side of Chicago people are not trust worthy, everyone fins for themselves. You must always watch your back and never trust anyone other than family and really close friends. On the south side if you trust the wrong people you can end up getting hurt or even killed; I’ve seen it with my own two eyes. One of my family friends I seen him get shot in his head six times for trusting the wrong people. It was a cold winter night and couldn’t sleep and I …show more content…

I used to think it was because the people living there was of a darker color are skin tones were composed of mahogany and coffee beans. I think I figured why south side isn’t welcoming Melanin and money is what divided south side from other places; and because the poor community of south side Chicago is left with no economic growth. I now live in Boston, Ma, I have broken free from being non- welcoming to people. I ’ve learned that there will never be any opportunities in life if I’m not open to new

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